BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa
BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa

Welcome to BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

Enabling the most effective solutions to your pest problems.

Launched in 2009, our completely new business brings together the well-respected technical resources, products and skills of BASF and Sorex.

We provide the strongest portfolio of research-based pest control products, systems and support to help Pest Controllers solve their rodent, insect, bacterial and viral pest problems as cost-effectively as possible.

True to our name, the entire focus of BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions team will be on enabling its many and varied users to achieve the most effective solutions to their particular pest problems.

Our unparalleled understanding of pest behaviour as well as biology ensures our products and systems provide the fastest and most complete pest control with the greatest reliability under the widest range of conditions and, most importantly, the least time and hassle.