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A powerful larvicide that effectively controls mosquito larvae as the first-line of defence against malaria.

ABATE® (temephos) is a powerful larvicide that effectively controls a number of disease-carrying insects including mosquitoes at the larval stage.


Why use ABATE®?

The larvicide ABATE® is the original trade name for the active ingredient temephos. BASF’s Research and Development department launched this product with confidence in its efficacy and effectiveness.

The approval of temephos by the WHO is based on studies conducted with ABATE®.

 Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich Havemann

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How does ABATE® work?

Temephos inhibits an enzyme vital to the normal function of the nervous system.

By treating stagnant water with ABATE®, the mosquito larvae are killed before they become adults capable of reproduction. This prevents new generations of disease-carrying insects from developing, minimizing the spread of the disease.

ABATE® works fast and has a long residual action.

ABATE® works quickly to control mosquito and other insect populations, as it kills the larvae of insects before they become adults. The excellent residual performance of ABATE® prevents the return of insects for weeks.

Mode of Action

ABATE® is an organophosphate which acts by ingestion or contact, inhibiting an enzyme that is important in the normal functioning of the insects’ nervous system, resulting in death.

ABATE® 500E: Reg. No. L2413 (Act No. 36 of 1947) contains temephos (organophosphate) 500g/l.

Type of water

Type of water Rate

Application directions

Clean (Ponds, pools, lakes)

100 to 150 ml/ha or 1 to 1,5 ml/100 m2

For large-scale treatment with a knapsack sprayer, dilute the recommended rate per hectare in 50 litre of water and apply at a rate of 50 litre/ha.

Moderately polluted (marshes, swamps)

200 to 250 ml/ha or 2 to 2,5 ml/100 m2

For aircraft treatment apply the recommended rate in 30 litre/ha.

Highly polluted (cesspools, drains)

400 to 500 ml/ha or 4 to 5 ml/100 m2

For spot spray application, dilute the recommended rate per hectare in 1 litre of water per 100 m2.

Identification - Active material: temephos (organophosphate)

Formulation - ABATE® 500E is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 500g active ingredient per litre

Application - USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Refer to product label.

General Directions - The dosage rate varies depending on depth of water, organic matter content and amounts of vegetation.