BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa
BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa

Ridak® Bait Block

The best balance of palatability and durability in an efficacious block.


 Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich Havemann

Business Manager

Why Ridak® Bait Block?

Effective rodent control in an easy to use formulation, versitile & economical. As effective as loose bait but without the risks of spillage.

The advanced formulation helps to maintain effectiveness even under damp conditions. Exceptionally easy to use and has a central hole to allow fixing.

For the control of rats and mice in the domestic, industrial and public health markets and gerbils in agriculture.

Ridak® Bait blocks rodent bait, available in plastic tubs (2.5 kg & 5 kg) and cartons (20 kg bulk).

Reg. No. L8641 (Act 36 of 1947) contains difenacoum (anticoagulant) 0,05 g/kg. Ridak® is a trademark of BASF.

Useful Information

When signs of rats are seen, survey your premises inside and out to determine the extent and location of the infestation.

  • Check for runs along walls and in vegetation around buildings.
  • Check for rat holes, especially near water, up to 100m away.
  • Check inside buildings for damage and droppings.
  • Check for tracks in dust and mud.


Place 4-5 blocks in purpose designed bait boxes or suitable containers on runs around buildings, between nesting and feeding places, at entry points, in holes and where droppings are seen.


Place 1 block in purpose designed bait boxes or suitable containers about 1-2 metres apart in all places where droppings, tracks and other signs of activity are seen.


Use 1 block per bait station. Place bait at regular intervals of 20 metres in a grid pattern over the infested area in a bait station.