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BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa

Ridak® Pasta

Fresh bait formulation for difficult to control rats, mice & gerbils.


 Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich Havemann

Business Manager

Why Ridak® Pasta?

A specially developed paste based bait individually presented in 15 g units. Its formulation combines excellent palatability and efficacy in an easy to use, non spill presentation.

Ridak® Pasta Bait is suited to both indoor and outdoor rodent control programmes. Its special formulation also renders it resistant to humidity and moisture maintaining its excellent palatability and efficacy in hot and cold extremes.

Its highly effective in controlling rodents whose food preferences are difficult to predict and who are reluctant to feed from traditional grain based rodenticides.

As such Ridak® Pasta Bait is ideal for use where other food sources exist and for troublesome urban mice.

For the control of rats and mice in the domestic, industrial and public health markets and gerbils in agriculture.

Useful Information

When signs of rats are seen, survey your premises inside and out to determine the extent and location of the infestation.

  • Check for runs along walls and in vegetation around buildings.
  • Check for rat holes, especially near water, up to 100m away.
  • Check inside buildings for damage and droppings
  • Check for tracks in dust and mud.

Ridak® Pasta is available in a 5 kg bucket.

Reg. No. L8642 (Act 36 of 1947) contains difenacoum (anticoagulant) 0,05 g/kg.

Harmful. Ridak® is a trademark of BASF.


Place up to 13 units per bait point. Place a good number of bait points in dry locations throughout the infested area on runs, in burrows and where droppings are seen.


Place 1 to 2 units per bait point. As mice are sporadic feeders use many bait points, 1 - 2 metres apart, wherever droppings, damage or other signs of activity are seen.


Use 1 pasta block per bait station. Place bait at regular intervals of 20 metres in a grid pattern over the infested area in a bait station.