BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa
BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa

Tenopa® SC

A dual action formulation for control of all insect life stages


  • Tenopa® SC is the ultimate solution for the most problematic insect pests, providing complete and reliable control of even resistant strains.
  • Tenopa® SC is active against all growth stages of crawling and flying insect pests for cost effective long-term control.
  • Tenopa® SC stands out from other sprays for its unique combination of a fast-acting knock down insecticide and a highly effective insect growth regulating residual component.
  • Tenopa® SC is quick and easy to dilute and apply with an environmental profile that makes it especially suitable for insect control in sensitive locations.
 Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich Havemann

Business Manager

Why Tenopa® SC?

Long Lasting Control

In trials, Tenopa® SC has been shown to out perform traditional growth regulators and provide effective residual action for up to 4 months.

The 2 active ingredients work together to kill the adult insects, prevent egg production & further development of any life stages. Therefore, the risk of any renewed infestation is reduced.

Adult insects are sensitised within the first few minutes of contact, knockdown is achieved in as little as 30 minutes with dead individuals within 24 hours.

Tenopa® Application Rates

Light Infestations

Heavy Infestations

Dose rate

25 ml in 5 litres of water to treat 100 m2

50 ml in 5 litres of water to treat 100 m2

Area treated per bottle

1000 m2

500 m2

Active Ingredient

Tenopa® SC combines the fast-acting insecticide alpha-cypermethrin & the insect growth regulator flufenoxuron.

Whilst the alphacypermethrin induces hyperexcitation & death by blocking the sodium channels of the nervous system, the flufenoxuron causes an inhibition of the chitin synthesis.

Due to the inhibition of the chitin synthesis, the larvae cannot proceed to any further developmental stages.

Safe of use

It is odourless, non staining and of very low toxicity to humans and mammals making it ideal for sensitive accounts. There is no required waiting period after application, therefore humans & animals may enter the room immediately after treatment has dried.

How to use

Tenopa® SC comes with an integrated measuring chamber for easy & accurate dosing. It is supplied in 250 ml autodose containers for dilution with water and application through any conventional or pump sprayer. Apply a fine coating over the treatment areas at low pressure (approx. 2 bar) and using a uniform, medium sized particle range.

Sprayers should be filled with the required amount of water and the measured dose of Tenopa® SC added before being shaken thoroughly to ensure even mixing. Thorough shaking is also recommended after any prolonged breaks from work.

Spraying should achieve a uniform coverage of the target area without excessive wetting or liquid run-off.

Tenopa® SC: Reg. No. L8863 (Act No. 36 of 1947) contains alphacypermethrin (pyrethroid) 30g/lt and flufenoxuron (acylurea) 30g/lt. Caution. ® = registered trademark of BASF.