BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa
BASF Pest Control Solutions South Africa


Long-lasting, effective termite control.

A suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the treatment of soil to protect buildings against subterranean termites that attack wood.

Stedfast® SC contains alphacypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that acts against the central and peripheral nervous systems, resulting in rapid knockdown and death of treated insects. Stedfast® SC is a contact and stomach insecticide, killing on contact or ingestion.


  • FAST - rapid knockdown, kills within 24 hours
  • RELIABLE – effective for up to 10 years
  • DIVERSE – can be used for preventative as well as curative treatment
  • SAFE – Stedfast® SC is odourless and bio-degradable
 Heinrich Havemann

Heinrich Havemann

Business Manager

Why Stedfast®?

User and Eco-friendly

Stedfast® SC is a water-based suspension concentrate, effective even on absorbent surfaces such as mortar, bricks and cement.

It is odourless and does not stain. Alphacypermethrin has a low vapour pressure and therefore low potential for inhalation.

Suitable safety precautions as per the label instructions should be taken when applying the treatment. Alphacypermethrin is biodegradable and is environmentally compatible.

Stedfast® SC provides for pre- and post-building treatment, and where possible, preventative treatment should be the first priority.

When treating a building for termite infestation, it is important to create a barrier to future re-infestations as well as to treat the current infestation.

STEDFAST® SC Reg. No L6464: contains alphacypermethrin (pyrethroid) 100g/l (Act No. 36 of 1947).

® = registered trademark of BASF


Before use, carefully read the label on the container, and follow all instructions.

1 Litre Stedfast® SC per 100 Litres of water can provide up to 5 years’ protection.

2 Litres Stedfast® SC per 100 Litres of water can provide up to 10 years’ protection.

Refer to label for directions for application.